Lesson 1: 20 Point Tracking Explanation

The 20 Point Tracking Sheet is a tool that many of our agents use when they are trying to get laser focused and remain consistent in their business.  This tool has enabled numerous agents to be on pace to hit six figures in a calendar year when used properly and consistently! Please make sure you have plenty of inventory when utilizing the 20 Point System. Most agencies use this tool along with their 20+ fresh leads they order a week. For our agency’s purpose leads consist of leads you order, BECs, referrals, workshop leads, etc.

The first step in the Seven Step System is to visit your direct mail leads. When you visit, make sure your knock hard on the door three times.  If they are not home, be sure to leave a delivery notice in order to receive half a point. Then as the Seven Steps indicate, you should introduce yourself to six people in the neighborhood, whether the direct mail lead is home or not.

Continue to work the neighborhood as you normally would by knocking on doors and leaving material such as inserts, brochures with your labels, etc. However, you will only receive half a point if you SPEAK to someone and attempt to get their name and phone number to set up a future appointment.

  • If you talk to two people in one household that is still considered half a point.

You receive one point for each referral that you generate. For example, a BEC, or other people that have similar illnesses, etc.

  • You do not receive a point if you are referred to a church or an organization.

When setting appointments, you need to have a sense of urgency. Therefore, appointments should be set the same day preferably within 24 hours from the initial contact or within 48 hours of receiving the name and number of the lead.  

  • If you schedule an appointment after 48 hours you do not receive any points.
  • If you make an appointment more than twice with the same person do not continue to count those points for setting appointments.

To receive the four points for presentations all decision-makers must be in place, and the potential client must receive all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

  • Keep this in mind so you will not try to do a presentation at the door or off-the-cuff when you meet people in the community.
  • Once again, four points are given per household not per individual.

Closing the sale means you have banking information, the date for the draft, or a check/money order.

  • If you do not have a complete application you do not receive any points for closing. You receive the points for the presentation only.
  • Points are given for either the presentation or the close, but not both. As stated above, if you write multiple cases in a household that will count as five points. It is not five points per case, it is five points per household.

Saved policies are policies that have either lapsed or received an NTO and you have:

  • completed the re-date/reinstatement form
  • the person has given you permission to process their payment or you have received a check/money order
  • and you are ready to submit their forms to the service department.

Points for a new recruit are only given when you have followed our recruiting system. Once you receive an interested person’s name and phone number your next step is directing them to the 24 Hour Hiring Information line. You can also ask them to review our website, or invite them to an event, etc. 

  • Points can only be included if you follow the recruiting steps and provide the name and number to your manager.

The objective is to obtain 20 points a day/100 points a week Sunday through Saturday. 

If you find that you are achieving points easily please contact your manager because either there is a misunderstanding in how you are calculating your points or you may need to increase your points per day due to your own individual activity.