Lesson 1: Presentation Outline


Agenda: Educate & SELL

Getting in the door

Introduce yourself as a Lincoln Heritage agent/community ambassador. Remind them that you’re at their door because they requested more information about the products that Lincoln Heritage offers. Show them proof of the request should they not remember. Ask to come in and explain the product – it should only take about 5 minutes.

How do you sell anything? (Self, company, product)   * S M I L E *

After introduction, warm-up and selling yourself, make a personal statement:  “First of all, I want you to know something. I am not your typical agent. Many agents will show up, talk really fast and within 5 minutes ask you for a check. That’s not how I operate. I am a very thorough person and every one of my clients appreciates that. When I leave here today you’re going to know exactly how our plan works, and I will make sure all of your questions are answered.  How does that sound?”

“Everyone has a reason why they contacted us, whether it’s through our commercials or our mailers. What was it that prompted you to reach out to Lincoln Heritage?”

I.   A.M. BEST REPORT: (explain how companies get rating)

  • Amount of production offered
  • Have them say “Excellent.”

II.  PROGRESS REPORT: “Have you ever been to Phoenix, Arizona? That’s where our home office is located.”

  • Show picture of building, paid for in cash, virtually debt-free
  • Community Involvement, pgs. 18 & 19 in flipbook
  • Financial Stability

III.  Term vs. Whole Life

  • LHLIC only does whole life coverage

IV.  3 C’s

  • Chaos, Confusion and Conflict

V.  Military/Veterans

  • allows for specific planning for veterans.

VI.  GoFundMe

  • NOT funeral planning


  • “Have you ever known anyone to preplan or prearrange their funeral?” Get them talking about it! (find out what happened; what was the effect on the family when nothing was planned; how did the financial strain affect the peace within the family, etc.,) Go over each section, emphasizing the key points. Put a lot of emphasis on the EMERGENCY CONTACTS. (This is when you plant the seed of what may happen if you, the agent are not contacted right away. “We have to put at least two emergency contacts in your file. More than two would actually be better.”)

  • Who will be their main beneficiary? Make sure they give you a name. Be sure to use the beneficiary’s
    name throughout the presentation. (Their why).
  • What FCGS does for the family
  • Final Wishes Part A and B

VIII.  ASK: “How has your healthy been in the last few years? Any serious health problems or new medications?” Ask them the Qualifying Questions.

  • Congratulate them on the plan they qualify for! Then explain how their specific plan works:
    • Final Expense: 1st day coverage with no medical/physical exam. Whole Life, not Term. We are not AARP or Colonial Penn. Our rates stay the same. Theirs increase every 5 years.
    • Modified: “Because of the _________________________________ condition that you have, there isn’t a company out there will give you first day coverage. In fact, most companies would either deny coverage, or put you on at least a 3-year waiting period. Lincoln Heritage will not deny you.
    • The way your plan works is this (IF 2-year MODIFIED):  You start the plan now, and if you passed away within the next two years we would send all the money back plus 10% on the first year, and 20% on the second year. So what would you lose? Not one thin dime. There is not a bank on this planet that pays 10% – 20% if you were just to put the premium in the bank. Now if after two years you pass, the full amount pays out….and remember this plan still comes with the Funeral Advantage.”


  • “The most important factor is that your monthly premium is comfortable for you, so we base this on your budget. Many of our clients are on fixed incomes. Would that be the same for you? On your worst month of paying bills and other expenses, how much do you normally have left over after paying for all your bills?” (whatever the amount is left over, multiply that by 25% for the premium) Ask client “Is $____ a comfortable amount?”

X.  ALWAYS SHOW 3 PLANS: “Let me show you a couple of plans right around this budget to choose from.” 

  • Using the quote sheet from the zip folder, always make Plan 1 no more than $5 over the client’s 25% amount. Don’t forget the $3 policy fee. Make Plan 2 a few dollars under her budget, and Plan 3 below that. Now you’re ready to present the 3 options.  Remember it’s not about how much the client wants, but how much is comfortable and will stay on the books.
  • “Out of the 3 plans here, which one would be the best option for you? CONFIRM AMOUNT AND CIRCLE IT!

XI.  WRITE THE APPLICATION: Never ask, “Can I write it?” or “Do you want to start it today?” ALWAYS assume the immediate sale!

  • As you’re pulling out the application ask… “Who would you like me to list as the Primary Beneficiary on your policy?”
  • At this point gather Primary, Contingent, and 2 Emergency Contacts before you get all other information to complete the app. Explain that you are the “go-to” person if anything was to happen. Let them know you will be there for the client and their family, and re-emphasize that it’s essential that their 4 closest loved ones know how to reach you. Assure the client that you will contact them and, so they receive your card and contact information. Let the client know that you will not reveal how much the premium or coverage amounts are. You are simply giving your contact information out, so they will know what to do in case of an emergency. Ask client to call them to let them know that you will be calling within 24 hours to introduce yourself because with this funeral planning this is a crucial step.

XII.  Using the Funeral Cost Estimate: “Are you looking to be buried in this state or different state? The average cost from good to best is ranging $____ to $_____.”

  • “Let’s look at just a few things that’s effecting the cost.” (Show the breakdown on left page). When you get to cemetery plot information ask the client,” Do you have a church to be buried at or will you use a public cemetery?” If response is “church”, ask, “What church do you attend, who’s your pastor?” (write it down) “Now that we see what the cost may be for everything, let’s look at how to fit this into your budget.”


XIII.  After completing the entire application make sure you carefully look over the 7 steps. This is crucial for your success with our agency.

  • Make sure you do a quick review of the app prior to the client signing it, and again after it has been signed.
  • If time allows, explain to client that everywhere you go, you always pass out cards in the neighborhoods because your services may be a blessing to someone else. “Would it be OK to leave my car here while I pass out a few cards?” Then go introduce yourself to 6 people.