Getting Started Right

Welcome to the team!

We are so excited to have you on board and we welcome you to our agency.

The most important activity for a new agent is to study and memorize the presentation outline, and the full presentation that our agents use.  Both of these tools are time-tested and highly effective!

In the next 5-7 days, you will give your Manager two presentations for them to critique, so that you can improve and feel confident before the Fast Start Training class.  You will only master the presentation by practicing out loud and often.

During the Fast Start Training we will role play and develop the skills you will need to be successful.  These are the same skills that have made our Top Producers and Managers so successful!

  • The presentation outline will be your road map to learning the presentation in the correct order. So be sure not to change the presentation order!
  • In 2 days you will give your first presentation to your manager so practice out loud and often!
  • Your manager will schedule you for the next Fast Start Training class and email you with the dates and times.

Again, welcome to the team! We’re excited to have ya!